Video LUTs - Mobile

If you haven’t downloaded the files yet, please log in to your account and download them to your phone using Chrome or Safari browser.

The downloaded file will be stored in the “Files” app. If you don’t have this app, please download it from the App Store.

Open “Files” and search for the downloaded file.

Find the file, long-press the file, and press “Uncompress”. Make sure it’s the “Video LUTs” file.

Android users can find the file in the built-in file manager app.

If you haven’t installed VN on your phone, download “VN Editor” from the App Store/Google Play.

After opening VN, click the cross in the top left corner.

Click the “+”, choose “Creation Kits” and click “Filters”.

Under “My Filter”, create a new folder and name it after the preset’s name that you wish to import first. Here we’ll use “Cars” as an example.

Import filter from the file app.

Search for the preset’s name and locate the folder.

Select all files and open them.

After importing, return to the previous page by tapping “X”.

Under “Create”, create a new project.

After importing the video, select “Filter” from the bottom menu to see the previously imported LUTs. Slide the slider to adjust the filter intensity.

To export the video, click the share icon and click “Export”.